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They were right, “The first one will always be the most difficult.” And truth be told, every aspect of the first #BESTYOU event was difficult. But as soon as the feedback started to come back every single moment of stress was worth it. The minute I realised that what I was doing was making a difference to women, I couldn’t leave it at that, those velvet bows were about to become ‘a thing’.

There was something REALLY special about the atmosphere with #BESTYOU 2. I’d gone from an event of 20 people, to 45 (So that’s over double the amount of love already). So much of my hard work from the first event had paid off and everything seemed that little bit less daunting this time. I’d gained more PR relationships, the pictures were visual proof that my want and need to go over and above with décor was worth it and I think from then on, people were starting to realise what #BESTYOU truly was.

So after saying I’d never do one ever again in November, by December I was already looking for venues. I wanted a bigger room, less intimate, more informal. I visited the Bristol Mercure Hotel and my amazing friend who has her own events company came with me to see the space, between us we came up with so many ideas of how this room could be transformed into a #BESTYOU space. The high ceilings and coving was such a perfect fit for my brand. We used the incredible flower wall from pop cloud party and it became the go to spot for that all important Instagram shot.

The entire room was covered with mirrors so the great team at all signs made me my very own SLP quote stickers. I just knew that once all of the guests were looking around the room it would be positive and uplifting no matter what. Of course, all of the decoration and design that goes into these events are ineffectively a result of me having an over creative eye and an obsession for things to always be nothing other than perfect. Thankfully, due to my incredible team who did everything they could to ensure this event was pulled off like I had envisioned meant it really did look stunning.

Inevitably one of my most favourite parts of the evening is sharing all of my makeup tips and tricks with you. I had chosen one of my best friends to model (always THE most difficult decision to make). She had not long had a baby and went from my MOST confident friend to the other end of the scale in a heartbeat. It was even amazing from a personal point of view to have her sat in that makeup chair giving her the treatment that I wish I could give every woman.

I was so fortunate to have guest speaker and positive body enthusiast Tally Rye with us that evening. I’d been following her on social media for a while and so many things in my life had been positively affected by what she chooses to put out into the world. She gave an incredible talk and the Q&A we did together at the end was so inspiring and it really brought everybody in the room together. We had questions from what my top 5 must have products are, to what Tally would advise for a better relationship with the way you see yourself.

#BESTYOU is so much more than learning ‘self-love’. I remember a point in my career where I nearly gave up, I couldn’t stand what people were coming to me and asking of me. I hated that they’d pull out a picture and say make me look like this or “change the shape of my hideous nose.” I truly have this passion to make a shift in the way the beauty industry is and #BESTYOU is where I’m starting.

The great thing about these events is that when you’re there, in the moment, surrounded by incredible women, certain things just click that maybe wouldn’t had you just scrolled through social media and read a caption. I’m really not sure what could be more fun that being in a room filled with beautiful women, forgetting about the beauty itself and embracing everything we really have to offer.


None of my #BESTYOU events could happen if I didn’t have the incredible help from my team. So a big special thanks to the people and sponsors below –

Angela Cassidy – PR & Marketing
Sophia McElroy – Styling Assisting
Popcloud – Prop hire & Flower Wall
Fanela Ltd – Printed makeup bags