#BESTYOU Makeup Evening

Sasha PallariBlog

When I first started out as a makeup artist my intention was to do makeup whether it be for an event, a wedding or a special occasion. I’d never thought I had anything more than that to offer, it just happened to be something I very much enjoyed.

Five years on and I’m sat here writing a blog post about my first event. I didn’t for one second believe that my #BESTYOU makeup evening was going to gain the response it did – the immediate messages about tickets, selling out within 5 days and people constantly asking me to let them know if any more spaces became available. I realise now that my very genuine passion for making women feel the way I do with and without makeup is actually something that people want to hear.

The makeup industry is heavily saturated, it’s filled with a form of self obsession and I guess you could say a style of art (you can’t deny that Instagram makeup is not talent). However, when I started my journey being self employed I was never going to conform to something I don’t believe in.

I remember my first meeting and the visions I initially had for this event, my main objective was that each and every woman who had bought a ticket would leave the room feeling even an ounce more confident than when they walked in. My incredible PR manager and I were laughing about how I’d love to have had it at The Ivy in Clifton but maybe that’s something we can work towards in the future. Two weeks later by some small miracle (or by having the best PR Queen on the planet) the fabulous restaurant in the gorgeous area of Clifton were so interested, they couldn’t have been more accommodating.

We held the event in the Western Dining room where despite the power cut upon arrival (45 minutes in darkness and trying to stay positive mind), couldn’t have looked more perfect. The décor of The Ivy is so in keeping with my brand and the flowers in the centre of each table were a gorgeous raspberry pink & burgundy.

Everybody was greeted with a glass of prosecco and seeing the reactions as they saw their place names and #BESTYOU boxes made spray painting 20 lids gold so worth it (the next you’ll get a #BESTYOU carrier bag…).

I started off the evening with an overview of what I had planned and a bit of background into my brand, my passion and what it is that I wanted them to achieve for themselves. I’d ordered a mixture of gorgeous canapés (because an event isn’t an event without snacks) for everybody to enjoy, and although I was busy setting up for my live demo I could see they went down a treat (my kinda girls).

The live demo was on my gorgeous model Emily. Not being a professional model and having one of the most beautiful personalities I know was the main reason I asked her. I wanted to create a look that people could learn in stages, so we finished with something fairly dramatic but I explained at each stage how you could finish the look at the certain points to make it more natural. Emily started the event with half of her face made up by me and half absolutely bare, at no point did she feel uncomfortable or that she was any less beautiful than other people in the room with half of her face so exposed.

I loved watching everyone open their #BESTYOU box. I’d always wanted this box to look a certain way and I think even my Dog had had enough of my questioning sizes, deciding shades of ribbon and choosing fonts. I can now see that the hours spent making sure I had every final detail perfected was more than worthwhile. I had the most beautiful (sparkly) lipstick shaped biscuits made by Emma at Bake my Cake and I shocked myself that 20 got placed on top of the boxes rather than into my mouth as they tasted absolutely incredible.

I was so lucky to have had the support from the amazing team at Wizard Publicity, especially Amadea. Having such a huge company believe in me and trusting that my first event was going to be a success was what gave me the drive to ensure every aspect of the evening was nothing short of perfect. Everybody opened up their box to find the most amazing products including some of my absolute favourite brands like Kiko, Too Faced, Christian Breton & PUR Cosmetics. If it wasn’t for the incredible Jodie from Jodie Hurd Photography I wouldn’t have captured a single photo of the evening. Jodie is so unbelievably talented at what she does and I am over the moon with all of the images.

Having 20 faces staring back at me, listening to my every word, writing down notes and asking me questions is something I want to do forever. I want to use the skills I have as a makeup artist to teach other women how to enhance their best features and to make them feel the genuine confidence of beautiful that I have learnt.

My ideas and perfectionist brain is already on overdrive preparing for the next event and I am overwhelmed with the messages I have received asking when the next one will be… keep your eyes peeled #BESTYOU number 2 is already underway.