They were right, “The first one will always be the most difficult.” And truth be told, every aspect of the first #BESTYOU event was difficult. But as soon as the feedback started to come back every single moment of stress was worth it. The minute I realised that what I was doing was making a difference to women, I couldn’t … Read More

Get the perfect everyday make-up look in just ten minutes

So I totally expected that doing a Facebook Live for the second time round wouldn’t have phased me at all. But doing, talking, reading AND worrying about my garlic breath when absolutely nobody can smell it, all at the same time is underrated. Learn how to create an every day makeup look that YOU CAN achieve in 10 minutes Posted … Read More

#BESTYOU Makeup Evening

When I first started out as a makeup artist my intention was to do makeup whether it be for an event, a wedding or a special occasion. I’d never thought I had anything more than that to offer, it just happened to be something I very much enjoyed. Five years on and I’m sat here writing a blog post about … Read More

Create Your Look With Just 10 Products

THANK YOU! My first ever Facebook Live Video has been viewed by over 7,500 people and I am honestly astounded as to why that many people wanted to watch me apply a face of makeup using 10 products (at an angle where I also gave myself 10 chins). Here's a video of the Facebook Live I did earlier this week. … Read More