#BESTYOU is an online movement I created in 2017.

Whilst makeup is such a huge passion of mine it has always only ever been in relation to how it can make people feel. I wanted to spread more confidence throughout people of all different ages to let them know that no matter how instantly certain things can make us feel great, it’s just as important to remember that who we are without them is worth so much more.

I’ve hosted four sold out events since I first started #BESTYOU and nothing quite beats the atmosphere od being all together in a room full of people walking in feeling one way and walking out feeling on top of the world.

Whilst there are currently no events planned, keep your eye out on here and Instagram for details of the next event coming VERY SOON.

My mission is to change the way we see ourselves and using makeup as a weapon along the way. We live in a world that constantly reminds us we’re not enough but #BESTYOU was started to remind you that you are, just the way you are…