Looking beautiful is an opinion,
feeling beautiful is a choice.

#FILTERDROP is a campaign I started to remove face morphing filters from Instagram, to get the ASA to enforce a rule that all influencers and celebrities declare filtered content and for everybody to depend on them less. You can watch the highlight of how it started over on my Instagram Page. 

This behaviour, addiction and constant craving to BE beautiful is feeding into the insecurities of future generations and the damage is prolific. Filters are an added and unrealistic beauty ideal that we do not need in addition.

Since the video went live, #FILTERDROP has been viewed by over 50k people. It has been featured in Stylist Magazine, BBC NewsGrazia, Radio 5 Live, The Female Lead, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme and on BBC Points West (Franco and Vinnie stole the show).

I’ve had endless emotional and personal messages sharing with me how filters and social media in this way affects others and the amount of #FILTERDROP images being posted from all over the world has been phenomenal. Pores, wrinkles, texture and reality.

There is loads more happening behind the scenes, I’m fighting for change on this and I won’t stop until it’s addressed.

Please ask yourself if you’d be happy for your children to only base their worth on how beautiful they are, the filter they need in order to even be beautiful. We are born with an abundance of confidence, but we grow up slowly having it chipped away by unrealistic beauty standards. The way you talk to people, the way you treat people, the way you smile at people. Anything a filter can’t touch is where real beauty is.