Get the perfect everyday make-up look in just ten minutes

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So I totally expected that doing a Facebook Live for the second time round wouldn’t have phased me at all. But doing, talking, reading AND worrying about my garlic breath when absolutely nobody can smell it, all at the same time is underrated.

Learn how to create an every day makeup look that YOU CAN achieve in 10 minutes

Posted by Sasha Louise Pallari – Professional make-up artist on Thursday, 11 January 2018

I wanted to create a look that everybody can achieve in their morning no matter what is going on. Trust me, we can ALL find ten minutes. My first advice is to put your phone on charge in another room and by the time you’ve seen what John Legend’s wife had for breakfast you’ll be ready to mince out of the front door with your fancy cream blusher and glossy, hydrated lips.

I love doing the videos knowing how much they help you all so please feel free to message me if there’s anything you would like to know. I would also massively appreciate any requests on videos and types of things you’d like to learn too.

Thank you for watching me again, for commenting and making sure I wasn’t talking to myself. We’ve sorted the lighting, the blurry front cam so next time I PROMISE to let Franco say hello – ‘contour with Franco’?…

The products I used are listed below –

PRIMER – PUR Cosmetics ‘No Filter Blurring Photography Primer’ (Also check for it to come back in stock)

FOUNDATION – NARS ‘Sheer Glow Foundation’

FOUNDATION BRUSH – Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Complexion Brush’


CONCEALER – Maybelline ‘Age Rewind Eye Concealer’ (match your shade but I usually recommend light or nude) –

CONCEALER BRUSH – MAC ‘286 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush’

POWDER – Laura Mercier ‘Translucent lose setting powder’

POWDER BRUSH – Morphe ‘M462 Duo Powder Dome Brush’

CONTOUR – Kat Von D ‘Shade & Light Palette’

BROWS – NYX ‘Eyebrow Cake Powder’ (you need a slanted brush, doesn’t need to be an expensive one at all)

MASCARA – L’Oréal ‘Paradise Extatic Mascara’

EYESHADOW – Laura Mercier ‘Caviar Stick’

EYESHADOW BRUSH – MAC ‘217 Blending Brush’

HIGHLIGHTER – Doll Beauty ‘Doll Light Highlighter – Like a Diamond’ (currently out of stock on BB but I’ve been told Topshop also sell it’

HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH – Morphe ‘R36 Pointed Highlight Brush’

BLUSHER – MUA ‘Blush Perfection Cavort’

LIP PENCIL – MAC ‘Soar Lip Liner’

LIP BALM – ‘Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Strawberry

Don’t forget to send me your pics and ideas for my next Facebook Live. You can also use the hashtag #BESTYOU when posting online.