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My first ever Facebook Live Video has been viewed by over 7,500 people and I am honestly astounded as to why that many people wanted to watch me apply a face of makeup using 10 products (at an angle where I also gave myself 10 chins).

Here's a video of the Facebook Live I did earlier this week. I shared tips & tricks on how to create a look with only 10 products and the details on my first event which you can find out more about here –

Posted by Sasha Louise Pallari – Professional make-up artist on Thursday, 5 October 2017


However, I know from that video that I helped people. I spent the next day replying to messages from people who felt excited to put their makeup on again, to people who wanted to go out and purchase new products and to people who made me cry by saying that I inspire them. I’d sold 12 tickets within one hour of announcing my first event (#bestyou make-up evening – couple left so we’ll give it a plug) and since then, I’ve just been totally overwhelmed (I know I’m dramatic, but honestly).

I want to thank every single person for commenting, sharing the video and constantly showing support. It has given me the confidence that in a VERY saturated industry, maybe I do have a voice that people want to hear. I’m going to continue with live videos (maybe not for an hour, multitasking is underrated!) and I’m also FINALLY going to start posting videos on YouTube. As I progress through my twenties I’m starting to realise that I care less about what people think and if posting my advice, tips & tricks is helping women and young girls to view themselves in a more positive light then I’ll give it a go.

Here is a list of all the products I used during the Facebook Live –
NYX – Born to glow illuminating primer
L’Oréal – True match foundation in the colour ‘3.N Golden Beige’
Maybelline – instant anti age ‘the eye eraser eye’ concealer in the colour ‘Nude’
Kat Von D – Shade & Light palette
Iconic London – strobing stick in the colour ‘Original’
MAC Cosmetics – blusher in the colour ‘Warm Soul’
NYX – ultimate shadow palette in the colour ‘Warm Neutrals’
Charlotte Tillbury – lipstick in the colour ‘Bitch Perfect’
MAC Cosmetics – Pro Longwear lip liner in the colour ‘morning coffee’
Charlotte Tillbury – legendary lashes mascara

I would love to hear ideas of things you would like me to speak about so please feel free to leave me comments and also let me know what goodies you’ve been out to purchase.

Thank you once more for EVERYTHING, I’ve been walking on cloud 9 since Thursday and I have a fire in my belly to make sure that one day you all feel the way I do mincing around Waitrose without a care in the world (and moisturiser obvs).

All my love,